Message From head manager

With the help of Almighty God, Tehran Darou is a dynamic, efficient and leading industry and at the beginning of the path of excellence. 
Continuous improvement for organization excellence was used and has been implementing  principle, concepts and approaches based on the National Iranian Food, Drug and Health Quality Award  Model.
 What we expect from excellence:
Creating desirable values for all stakeholders.
Good leadership and inspirational, along with sustainable goals.
Decision making and management organization through a set of related systems, processes and facts
Attracting the maximum participation of employees through the development of communication and their involvement in affairs
Continuous monitoring of the status quo and making changes in order to innovate and create recovery opportunities with using learning
Identify the needs of present and future customers and efforts to respond effectively to stakeholder expectation.
Supporting and empowering employees to continuously improve product quality
Focus on improving processes related to product quality in order to satisfy customers and stakeholders
Develop partnerships, resources and maintain partnerships that create added value for the organization
Achieving strategic goals and outcomes that make all stakeholders' satisfaction .
We think to strengthening and supporting the culture of excellence at the organization level. 
We are committed to this by our heart belief and determination
We believe that Tehran Pharmaceutical Company can achieve its real status 
in the country's pharmaceutical industry With teamwork and excellence in the thoughts of human resources. We hope to work together in this way alongside each other in the name of Tehran Darou's name.

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