فرم ارتباط با واحد تضمین کیفیت
Policy of Tehtran darou company

Long steps have been taken to implement and commitment to the integrated management system.
Tehran darou tries to upgrade the quality of products, development of activities and maintaining dignity and protecting human resources.
The company also tries to apply a suitable pattern for maintaining resources and the environment and the values of society.
We believe that quality is not accidental, but we believe that this is based on the organization's attitude toward quality as its existential principle.
Therefore, we always try to institutionalize quality as a valuable concept and coordinate in the process of evaluating all of us.
Moreover,¬ even, We are committed to complying with the legal requirements of the company's activities, including the provisions of the cGMP, environmental laws and regulations on safety and health.
The company adheres to its commitment to prevent pollution and to understand its responsibilities for sustainable development.
Another set of obligations is the continuous improvement of processes and the effectiveness and efficiency of the integrated management system, This work will continue to be continued in all production, support, management, monitoring and interchange-free processes.
Implementing an integrated management system instruction with a commitment to promoting the satisfaction of all stakeholders in the business plan.
Quality assurance is responsible for the implementing of an integrated management system. It is expected that all employees will work in the process of continuous improvement and that employees will use their creativity, capabilities and innovations.

Policy items
1- Full compliance with cGMP legal requirements
  Waste Management Law
  Pollutants released in the air
  Medical examination of employees 
  Measurement and evaluation of physical work environment (sound / lighting)
  Assessment and evaluation of chemical agents in the workplace (gas and vapors / dust)

2- Continuous improvement 
  Definition of Key Performance  indicators (KPIs)
  Organizational excellence  (INFDQA-QRM-TPM) 
  (Total Productive Maintenance)
  Establishment  PQR-QRM-TPM
  Organizational Movement Based on Strategic Management Plan 

3- Stable  development
  Energy Management
  Green Procurement 
  Green chemistry 
  Green production 
  Prevention of contamination
Manage relationships with stakeholders 4-
  Deal with Customer Complaints / Measuring Customer Satisfaction 
  Measurement of staff  satisfaction  
  Increasing productivity and profitability and attracting shareholders 

5- Safety  and professional health 
  Frequency rate of incident 
  Severity of  incident

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