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Tehran Darou has always considered the following to seek high values, therefore:
- Innovation, honesty, hard work, perseverance and highest compliance with doing business and professional ethics.
- Using the latest technology in the world to do research, produce and provide new products and valuable services.
- Creating mutual trust among patients, clients, employees, shareholders and the community.
- Protection of intangible assets and assets of the company and other stakeholders
- Continuing education and improving the skills of all stakeholders in the organization
- Compliance with the latest national and international requirements and standards.
- Promote and encourage teamwork and individual efforts.
- Consider the human resources as the foundation of the organization, care and companionship with them at the best possible level.
- Organizational upgrade by relying on merit
Organization value:
In this regard, we divide values into three groups of organizational values, group values, and individual values:
Organizational Values:
Stockholders: Creating sustainable value for shareholders and community, trying to realize the right to expect and hold shareholders of the company and their satisfaction.

Customer Orientation :Develop a company and win-win relationships with business partners, highlighting the needs of customers and effectively communicating with them, and enhancing customer perspective in the organization
Healthy competition: Compliance with ethics and professionalism in competing with competing companies.
Environmental: Compliance with environmental standards and requirements
Social Responsibility: Commitment and Obligation to Improve Community Health Indicators.
Human relationships: Respecting employees as the main driver of development and growth.
Health and Safety: safety, health and participation, and diligence.
Quality improvement: Focus on continuously improving the quality of services and products, keeping up with the standards, emphasizing the quality and full compliance with legal requirements, especially the principles of GMP.
Company Profitability: Business Leadership and Innovation, Corporate Finance Growth with More Work and  diligence.

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